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Amy Brocklehurst

Amy Brocklehurst
Graduated with a degree in Printed Textiles
Loughborough University

The influence seen in my design stems from my family heritage, love of dogs and antique Victorian collectables. My collection ‘Cherry Hog’ features various breeds of dogs, a retriever, bulldog, jack russell, dalmatian, beagle and of course a whippet. One of my favourite things about dogs is their expression, they can be happy, sad or stately, I spent a long time studying the various gazes of each breed and have tried to capture each individual dogs character in my illustrations. My dog designs are all hand drawn and framed with a decorative edge inspired by stamps and various Victorian artefacts. I hope my affection for dogs shines through in my collection of cushions and wallpapers and in case you were wondering, "Cherry Hog" is rhyming slang for dog. View / purchase Amy Brocklehurst's designs by clicking the images below.

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